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Duration 60 minutes.                                                             

This ritual consists in interpreting the messages that our body “writes” on our feet via the neurovegetative system. For this reason, a foot needs to be read and interpreted. This methodology is based on the beautiful language of emotions, which, when repressed, transform into psychosomatic reactions. Only when interpreteded correctly, can various imbalances be relieved thanks to individual massage techniques suitable for each particular case.

Price: € 100

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Duration: 60 minutes

The Hot Stone massage is a holistic massage that comes to mind and bodyThe term "hot" means warm or heat: heat is used to treat pain and muscle stiffness (thermotherapy) and with the use of the stones the heating effect is obtained by conduction, i.e. by direct contact of hot stones with skin, affecting the energy centers (chakras) and rebalancing the body and mind.

The stones used in the Stone Massage are polished basalt, a type of rock rich in iron, which can retain heat for a long time and releasing it gradually during the massage.

The stones are heated to about 60° C and during the massage, rubbed on the skin or placed on specific points of the body: the meridians of traditional Chinese medicine or the Chakras of Ayurvedic medicine.

These stones, releasing heat during the massage, dissolve muscle contractures, improve circulation.

Price: € 90

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The massage with essential oils uses the beneficial  proprieties of pure essences which come from  vegetable oils (almonds, sesame, olives, karate…) so that the essences go through the skin spreading inside the cellular membrane in order to reach the different body districts. The most used  essential oils for the massage are: pine, oregano, rosemary, lavender , ginger, thyme, eucalyptus, lemon, orange, grapefruit, ylang ylang, mint and many others according to the needs.

The benefits of the aroma therapeutic massage are extraordinary:

  • It slows down the cellular ageing
  • It acts on the nervous system relaxing or toning
  • Decontrates muscles and the entrails
  • Improves the respiratory function
  • Pacifies the mind and the emotions

Complete massage (from head to toe): duration 60 min, cost €110.

Partial massage (feet, ankles, calves, hands, forearm and chest): duration 30 min, cost €60



Tibetan bells and aroma therapeutic massage. Double session (2 hours) of restorative welfare and self awareness in order to recreate harmony and balance both on a physic point of view and spiritual.

Cost €150, time 120 min.

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Tibetan bells have been in use for more than 1500 years, both for meditative practices and for psychophysical wellbeing.

Obviously, they have had their greatest expansion in Tibetan Buddhism. The Tibetan bells reproduce the OM sound, the basic mantra of Creation, which encloses in itself the energy and the vibrations of the entire universe. From this sound the logarithmic spiral of our musical scale is formed in ascending motion, the same harmonic spiral of which we are composed. The vibrations of the bells played in the environment or resting in the body are an extraordinary tool for restoring balance between body, mind and emotions, in order to harmonize our vital energy and the subtle frequencies that compose it.

 These are the benefits:

  1. Adjust stress levels by promoting endorphin production.
  2. Stimulate and tone psychophysical energy.
  3. Promote self-healing ability.
  4. Promote the quality of sleep, decreasing anxiety and insomnia.
  5. Dissolve emotional and energetic blocks.
  6. Obtain a deep state of relaxation and prepare for meditation.


Individual treatment € 90 time 60m.

Couple treatment € 120 time 60m.

The couple treatment favors the harmony, the affective agreement and the energetic, emotional balance in the couple's communication.

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